muSOAing for 7/19/09

As mentioned in my previous post, there are several aspects to SOA Governance. There are design time considerations such as Service Design and Composition strategies. Runtime considerations such as Service versioning strategies for deployment.

Let us examine Service Versioning. As innocent as this term may sound, believe me if you have to support myriad departments and if one service is used by at least 3 or more departments, you will need a well thought out service versioning and deployment strategy.

Shared services are always tricky business. You might start out with well thought out intentions but with shared services, there are some peculiar problems. Invariably, it will always be the case where version 1.1 of the service will not be adopted by all three depts, there will always be one that will want to stick with v1.0 of the service so how you version services and how you deploy them and have two versions or n versions of the same available is very critical. Remember here that there are several tools that help you in implementing good service versioning but that is the least of your worries. The main point you have to note here is your versioning and deployment strategy. So you need very good design time and runtime tools to support you in this process.


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