muSOAing for 12/14/14

Hi There,  It’s been a while.  Have been very busy in the Big Data trenches.  The frontlines are advancing and there have been new frontiers to explore since my last post.   A lot has transpired and there has been a lot of action and there will be a lot more action in the days, weeks, months and years to come.

Big Data has been adopted by a lot of diverse types of organizations in the past couple of years.   All this has done is to only bring to the fore a lot of lacunae and shortcomings in not only the products themselves but also in the solutions that have been put together using these tools and solutions.  To put it simply, a lot of creative engineering and elbow grease have come into play in all the solutions you see today that are currently running in production.

This is not to say that people and organizations that have been the driving force behind both the users and the solution providers for a lot of these technologies have let the grass grow under their feet so to speak.  This space is set to explode in the next coming weeks and months.   A lot of creating and innovative products and solutions are in the works.   Let us put it this way,  be ready to be disrupted (once again).    Being on the frontlines,  I have and am seeing a lot of this taking shape and I will be sharing my thoughts, views and opinions about a lot of this in terms of the problem space,  the appropriate technology and who is building what to address the gaps that exist today.  So watch this space closely.


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