muSOAing for 7/11/13 – Hadoop the O/S for Big Data

Been over a year since my last post.   Hadoop has clearly emerged as the O/S for Big Data.  The sun of the Big Data Interplanetary system.  What I have seen in the past one year is,

a.  Lot more adoption of Hadoop

b.  Some real production deployments of Hadoop

c.  A lot of focus still on the ELT and Infrastructure portion

d.  An increasing shift to Advanced Scientific Analysis

This may sound like like a cliche but Hadoop has truly arrived.    People are using it for doing real work.  A lot of OLAP and decision support systems are now being run on this platform.   I will be sharing my Hadoop Implementation Experiences both at a broad, holistic level as well as the down in the weeds technical level.    There is a lot to talk about especially relating to how to make all these moving parts firing in harmony to keep the engine purring smoothly.


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