muSOAing for 5/31/12 – CDH4B2

Up and running with CDH4B2 Hadoop and HBase (pseudo-distributed mode,  mac os x rocks).   Checked out MRv2.   The whole underlying architecture has changed.  No more jobtracker and tasktracker  and instead you now have NodeManager and ResourceManager based on the new yarn framework.    Have not done any benchmarks yet but planning to do some for m/r and hbase.  My map/reduce jobs did seem to run a lot more faster though did not do any benchmarks.

The new yarn framework definitely needs a lot more memory on startup (4GB).     The HBase processes are the same but the nice thing about this version is there is no ambiguity about zookeeper, you can start the  process separately.  I plan to check out the coprocessor feature (check this space for future updates).   Next on the list to checkout are hadoop high availability and hbase coprocessors and did I mention that mac os x rocks  and Cloudera, you too rock.  Thank you for continuing to provide these tarballs.


2 Responses to “muSOAing for 5/31/12 – CDH4B2”

  1. td Says:

    I would love to see your recipe for installing on Mac. Attempting to do the same now… already have a CDH3 setup going and am attempting to change over to CDH4.


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