muSOAing for 4/28/12 – Wazzup Big Data?

A very frequent question I keep getting asked is,  what are the different ways in which I can use Hadoop.    I always tell them, the sky is the limit.  Ok, jokes aside,  what can you not  do with Hadoop.    After you get thru the initial challenges of ETL,  data formats,  normalization etc.   the fun really begins.  Now you think, what sort of insights do I want into my data,  is it related to clustering, classification or is it related to stuff like real-time analytics,   information that is targeted to specific users.    Whatever the application may be,  there are tools ready to serve your needs.    I have seen of late tools like Mahout, R and SAS being use increasingly to address these needs.   Complex algorithms apart from k-means,  bayesian are ideal for an HPC environment like Hadoop.


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