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muSOAing for 1/20/12 – 2012 – year of BigData?

January 20, 2012

The question is will 2012 be the year of Big Data or the 2010s be the decade of Big Data.   All the developments seem to validate the latter.    Apart from swimming in an ocean of data,   vendors,  clients and potential users are all faced with this giant Tsunami of chatter and offerings that is becoming increasingly difficult to sort out the grain from the chaff.

One can only hope that this does not become a stumbling block and barrier for Big Data adoption.   It is quite obvious that Big Data has matured from the buzzword and hype stage to become very mainstream.   There are challenges that one faces at every stage of Big Data adoption, starting with technology selection and matching that up with the actual needs.   The setting up of the environment,   the whole process of moving data into this infrastructure and finally the biggest challenge, to mine this information to get meaningful information from it.

Though all this seems a bit daunting to someone who is just wetting their feet in BigData,   there are offerings out there that make this space very palatable to users across the spectrum.   One is reminded of the EAI space where one had to deal with proprietary server frameworks which lacked any type of user interface and needed a lot of elbow grease and coding to setup and use.    This problem was solved to a great extent with the advent of BPM technology that put a friendly face in front of archaic EAI platforms.

The very same is happening in the BigData space.    Vendors like Pentaho are putting a very friendly face to Big Data offerings like Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB etc.  and making this field very sexy.