muSOAing for 10/7/11 – Hive Partitions

This is a very interesting concept in Hive.  Hive lets you segment and categorize data based on system and business attributes like timestamp, date or fields like customerid, orderid etc.    One potential use of this feature is to facilitate the updates of information in Hive.    One potential use case could be to move data into the existing partition into an ODS,  change this information and then rewrite the partition in Hive with this changed information.

The feature of dynamic partitions is also very useful and powerful.   Some of the features in the upcoming version of Hive (0.80) will be very useful especially the table append feature with the INSERT INTO syntax.  Hive has already proved to be a very robust client for a BigData warehouse.  One thing lacking though is effective front end tools like Business Objects or Cognos.   A lot of these implementations for GUI driven analytics is currently home grown so there is a lot of opportunity.

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