muSOAing for 7/19/11 – more on HBase

It seems that with each new version the HBase feature and function list keeps growing. One may complain that HBase is too loosely typed, you do not specify any key explicitly. For that matter you don’t even spell out the column names explicitly. All it asks of you initially is a table name and a column family. Maybe there was a reason to design it this way so you could hide data from others and operate in stealth mode?

Whereas when it comes to querying and mining information, eventough HBase does not support SQL like operations, you have a plethora of API options to perform a wide range of operations such as atomic GETs, batch GETs, scans, map/reduce and now with co-processors you can do complex aggregations. Even the for the data loading part, it gives you a lot of rich API options. For the most part, it seems that HBase can support all your data management needs. Even indexing can be achieved in a lot of innovative ways.

Watch this space for some detailed technical information on each of these features.


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