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muSOAing for 5/30/11 – Can I use HBase instead of…….

May 30, 2011

This is an oft posed question these days. Folks looking to cut down on their DW licensing costs, looking for alternatives. The Hadoop/HBase platform is definitely a candidate for many popular use cases. This platform is rapidly evolving and is already turning out to be a big challenge to all the traditional DW players. Talk about disruptive technology, this is as disruptive as it can get. Map/Reduce has changed the entire status quo. It has unleashed a veritable Tech Tsunami that is threatening to wash away those who are unwilling to acknowledge and adapt to this rapidly changing landscape. All my blogs in the near future will focus on BigData as there is a lot happening in this space and hence a lot to mull and ponder upon.


muSOAing for 5/13/11 – Are you Hadooping yet?

May 13, 2011

It should be quite obvious by now that Big Data is catching on big time across all Industry verticals. In my personal interactions there hasn’t been one organization that is not looking at Big Data solutions to deal with their data analytical and storage needs. The top on this list is of course Hadoop and it’s ecosystem of offerings chiefly HBase and also Hive, Pig, Zookeeper, Mahout etc. It seems that almost everyday something new is happening in this space. Folks are talking about fault tolerant Hadoop installations, next generation map reduce and a host of companies like NetApp, EMC etc. are offering Hadoop based solutions. These are very exciting times for Big Data and Advanced Analytics.