muSOAing for 3/24/11 – The Vertically Integrated Architect II

So what are the other qualities. Being able to provide thought leadership and the willingness to evangelize and put forth your thoughts and ideas in various fora such as personal blogs, articles, whitepapers and even downloadable code artifacts. All these make for a well rounded architect aka a Vertically integrated one.

An Architect should be able to see the big picture, the so called 1000 foot view, as well as be able to roll up his/her sleeves and be able to build reusable artifacts. If you do not code then you are not the master of your own domain and you cannot be a true Architect.

Being able to take a problem however nebulous and be able to turn that into a solution, that is the ultimate challenge, being able to bring true value and be able to solve real world problems and at the same time be able to address all the key business drivers such as ROI, value proposition etc. In a sense, I would not be wrong if I said that the end here truly drive the means. The end goal is a well architected system and the means is to bring to bear your full complete set of Architectural firepower.


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