muSOAing for 3/16/11 – The Vertically Integrated Architect I

There are a few yardsticks by which a truly Vertically Integragted Architect should be measured. First and foremost is the passion you have for Architecture and how it manifests. The technology landscape is so fluid and has undergone such radical changes that it looks vastly different from what it was from even last year. Anyone who says that I only focus on this or that field is so 2010. Thinking out of the box and being able to adopt the changes and apply them to solve key business problems is one key element.

In order to do that, one has to do a variety of tasks including copious reading, tinkering in the form of downloading products and toolsets and being able to configure them and build artifacts. Being hands on is the key, anyone who says he does not code and is not willing to cannot be an Architect. This is one of the most basic requirement but there are other manifestations in addition to these key ones.


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