muSOAing for 2/28/11 – ROI, TCO and all that good stuff

Services foster a business first approach. So one should attempt services design from a BPM perspective. Think about the big picture first and then worry about the minituae later. So the first thing to do would be to consider that process that is proving to be the most expensive to maintain for various reasons. It could be that it requires a lot of people to maintain, enhancements take a long time and the resultant feature cannot be reused so all said and done, the TCO for this business function is very high.

Now look at this from a holistic fashion and think along the lines of a SOA based approach to replatform thiis same business process. You basically want to achieve the same function at the end of the day, it is just that you want to eliminate all the inefficiences inherent in the way it is done currently. So if you lay down the yardsticks for the future vision for this process and adopt a SOA based approach then all the rest of the details take care of themselves. A business process can be as complex as something like Order to Cash or something as simple as accepting service requests through the web.


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