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muSOAing for 1/28/11 – Wazzup MDM?

January 28, 2011

Pardon me if I am beginning to sound a little like Chris Rock (sans expletives of course). The reason I am bringing up MDM is because it has not been given the level of attention it truly deserves. Now all of us know the importance of master data. What with this world of Hybrid clouds and internal IT and applications spread across these myriad domains and proliferating right before our eyes.

Everyone wants access to this treasure trove called the Customer Master. So I have been saying how do you make it accessible by transcending all these boundaries (Organizational, Transactional, Network etc..). Duh! Isn’t it quite obvious dude, haven’t you heard of this magic technology called SOA? So here we have this panacea for all ills and now SOA is proliferating horizontally and is finally becoming the bread and butter for Integration.


muSOAing for 1/10/11 – Services Everywhere

January 11, 2011

SOA has become the bedrock for enterprise integration. The bread and butter for linking disparate systems together. While EAI was confined to on-premise apps, SOA blurs those distinctions between transaction and network boundaries and creates a environment for true inter and intra enterprise integration.

So companies are adopting this paradigm increasingly for all of their business functions and functional silos bet it business critical and revenue impacting applications such as OM or even supporting ones that are MDM related. Organizations are becoming increasingly agile by going up the value chain and becoming well rounded in terms of their SOA infrastructure and strategy.