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muSOAing for 12/29/10 – Cradle to Grave

December 29, 2010

With Cloud based initiatives accelerating and becoming mainstream, management of these infrastructures is proving to be a very big challenge. This is a very new discipline that will need a lot of attention while chalking out your Cloud Enablement strategy. This would form part of your Cloud Governance Strategy. What you want is a comprehensive mechanism for not only setting up your entire cloud infrastructure but also looking at the whole thing from a very holistic standpoint.

What we are talking here is essentially the setting up of a Private Cloud Infrastructure. If you do not want to deal with the hassles of the infrastructure that goes into this, then there are provider who will let you host a Private Cloud but then again it comes with it’s own set of problems so choose wisely. It is better to have total control of your entire private cloud infrastructure. For a successful implementation all layers of your IT Infrastructure will have to be virtualized and that is your Server Hardware, Storage and Network layers. Then you will plug in the various tool(s) for performing the various tasks involved in maintaining and running this infrastructure including the provisioning of entire virtual compute stacks at the click of a button.


muSOAing for 12/11/10 – Aggregate?

December 11, 2010

So wwhat is this huge buzz about Cloud Lifecycle management. While the cloud has ploriferated and become the bedrock and foundation for computing in many areas, the speed with which such infrastructures can be setup and mushroom has created it’s own host of headaches. Think about this, you setup a VM, install a bunch of important apps, patches and other utilities. It is humming along and one fine day somebody copies this VM onto his USB drive and voila he has an entire machine with him. Cloud assets are spread across a wide variety of infrastructures, Public, Private and Hybrid cloud infrastructures. Apart from just your VMs you have other physical assets such as storage that the virtual layers control so this magnifies the problem to a larger scale. How do you deal with these myriad components, enter your dearest friend CLM.