muSOAing for 11/25/10 – DW in a Box

So there are several options if you want to implement Datawarehousing and associated advanced analytics. You can opt for a vertically integrated solution like Exadata from Oracle which provides everything you would ever need in a box (server, o/s, software, tools) or you can opt for open source or commercial bigdata solutions like Hadoop or AsterData.

Allow me to drop a cliche “One size does not fit all” and this is very much true in this case. A DWIB solution will be appealing to large enterprises who have specific needs and the advantages of such a solution is that there are Analytic packages that are tailored for each individual vertical so for someone whose needs are specific and who do not and cannot employ an army of engineers this solution is perfect.

On the other hand, for someone who has an ever growing mountain of data and who wants a flexible infrastructure and very custom analytical needs or for someone who is looking to offer this as a service a DWIB will simply not work. They would have to go the framework route.

In spite of all these options, there are still very significant challenges that need solutions and one new feature that is being touted is the ability to perform OLTP and DW type operations on the same datastore. It would be interesting to see how this pans out.


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