muSOAing for 11/05/10 – Cloud in a Box

In the ever expanding world of the Cloud, the newest kid around the block is the “Cloud in a Box”. All that you will ever need to go Cloud is in a box with all the goodies. The super multiplexed hardware (processors with a gazillion cores), a database, middleware, virtualization and oodles of storage. Vertical Integration is the name of the game. All of this is sourced from one vendor, a one stop shop like a super Target for all your Private Cloud needs.

Will this really work and who is really the target audience. Isn’t the Cloud environment inherently the domain of DIY enthusiasts? Opensource, commodity h/w and unlimited soda and pizza induced brain power. I guess it depends. This domain is certainly not a one size fits all play, mix and match, build your own, elastic are probably the way to go.


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