muSOAing for 10/10/10 – Colossus

With Google announcing it’s move to supplant it’s hugely popular Map/Reduce search algorithm with Colossus, what does it portend for this whole NoSQL/BigData space. Will existing users defect en masse to the new camp? I say no. Google’s case of needing a real-time or near real-time infrastructure for indexing results may not be the case for other users. A lot of folks are still happy to maintain their BigData stores as historical data warehousing repositories eventough in some cases this history may be just a few minutes old.

The news trickling down the grapevine is that there will not be a mad rush to adopt this new kid around the BigData block. Map/Reduce is too entrenched and folks using this are quite happy with it though everyone has implemented their own homegrown analytical frameworks around it using tools like Pig and Hive. In fact, there is nothing cast in stone here, almost every map/reduce job is unique in itself.


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