muSOAing for 9/28/10 – Monsoon

So with Cloud going mainstream what is the next big thing in this space. Cloud Aggregation products and services is certainly one very promising area that we covered in a few past posts. Another big area is Cloud Provisioning for both Internal and Hosted Private Cloud Infrastructures.

Provisioning has become a very important area. While there have been products that have addressed needs in this space, the barrier for entry was quite high and the solutions were to a very large extent proprietary. With the advent of opensource frameworks, it is now possible to build your own provisioning and monitoring mechanisms tailored to your specific needs.

These could be as simple as setting up a VM with some standard installed components to an entire environment with several VMS along with all the necessary agents required for maintenance and monitoring. The sky is really the limit and what can be achieved is only limited by your imagination. Cloud Provisioning and Monitoring aside, there are several other areas which are currently considered niche but which will soon become quite mainstream considering the momentum these are gaining.

One such area that is already gaining a lot of mind share is the ability to perform advanced analytics in a cloud based infrastructure. I think we have already touched upon this in a great level of detail in a couple of our earlier posts. Other areas that are gaining focus especially in large IT shops are the need for Cloud Aggregation both at Discrete and Composite levels given the manner in which IT assets are now spread out between Internal IT and Cloud Environments, the pressing need is to integrate all this Business, Functional and Integration Silos for gaining optimum IT Agility.


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