muSOAing for 9/14/10 – MoM for the Cloud

Yes, given the way the cloud is proliferating, it’s myriad forms and incarnations and it’s unmistaken ascendancy towards the pinnacle of IT computing, it is time someone played MOM.

A lot of folks who are availing of the cloud as both consumers and providers have evinced the need for Cloud Aggregation Services. While there are dashboard driven monitoring services for specific platforms like Hadoop like Karmasphere, products that span Cloud Providers and give a unified view of what is happening in your various layers that may comprise of internal IT, Public and Private Cloud infrastructures is woefully lacking.

This is to some extent dependent upon the interfaces provided by these various infrastructures. While platforms like Amazon expose a rich set of APIs it is not the case with other platforms. So the key is to have dashboard driven services that will pull in resources through a combination of dynamic discovery and smart user configuration and provide unified views of your current Cloud and Hybrid platforms. While this may sound Utopian to some extent, I think this is very much needed and we are beginning to see some traction in this space with a smattering of offerings.


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