muSOAing for 8/26/10 – Infosphere

Big Data and it is on everyone’s lips. It is ubiquitous and yet few know what it is and how it works. Well, given the rate at which levels of information is going to explode then you better get your act together.

Forget petabyes now we are in the zetabyte range and according to CW, we will be generating that much data in a really short period of time and that is a lot of data. Now imagine having to mine this ocean of data and convert that into meaningful Information and then onto Intelligence so you get the picture.

The Big Data Analyst/Architect is going to be one of the hottest positions in demand in the coming years and it is already beginning to get that way. After all one of the goals of Google is to digitize all the books and create this immense store of knowledge. I would say that it is a very noble goal indeed.

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