muSOAing for 8/25/10 – Mesosphere

A small segway, Computerworld that very respectable rag that reports on IT trends has in it’s issue of 23rd Aug, predicted a list of hot careers for 2020 and among them include Cloud Enterprise Architect, Cloud Capacity Planner, Cloud Infrastructure Administrator and Cloud Integration Architect.

Very true I say but I hasten to add, why wait till 2020, some of these positions have already been created and will be hot and in demand well before 2020. The position of Cloud Enterprise and Integration Architects are proliferating and even though folks playing those roles are not realizing it, they are playing dual roles. One role that is anchored in the traditional world and as applications are being hived off to be executed elsewhere, outside the four walls of the company, unconsciously they are also wearing the hat of Cloud Architects.

To this I would like to add one more position and that is of Data and Information Architects which will become as important as these other roles. Why? Well that will have to wait for the next muSOAing.


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