muSOAing for 8/22/10 – Stratosphere

To Big Data or not is the question. Being a man of letters and hence data, even shakesphere would have run into this conundrum. So the shakespheres of the present digital world who are the folks who belong to the traditional DW/BI world are presented with exactly that.

The term Big Data is really a misnomer, why I say that requires some explanation. While the term may be appropriate when it comes to dealing with vast amounts of information, given it’s inherent distributed DB architecture, it may not be when it comes to advanced analytics as this can be availed of by datastores of any size big data or not. The lynchpin of these Big Data stores is really the distributed architecture and the the Map/Reduce let algorithmic analytics which is paralellized by the Big Data engines to have truly multiplexed query and data mining architecture.

So this getting interesting enough for you, well wait till we start exploring the gory details of Map/Reduce. Hardcore UNIX addicts will rejoice over this Woodstock for UNIX is being played.


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