muSOAing for 8/17/10 – Got Big Data?

Big Data has arrived and is now mainstream. While a lot of folks are still grappling with the intricacies of traditional Relational DB stores and problems like DW and getting actionable intelligence that can be used for business agility, many do not realize that Big Data can be a true panacea for all those worries.

There are several aspects to Big Data management starting with the migration of data from traditional DB to Big Data stores. Then having data stored in BD stores my itself has several advantages associated with distributed DBs such as partitioned data, parallel queries, data distribution, Queen/Worker architecture, grid based computing, dynamic server provision etc.

The true power inherent in such infrastructures can really be summarized in two words Map and Reduce. The real power of actionable BI is truly Map Reduce. To explain Map Reduce in a short sentence, it is truly harmonius confluece of Java, SQL, Procedural SQL and UNIX Regular expressions. It is SQL on very heavy steroids. It’s power really cannot be underestimated.

More on this later.

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