muSOAing for 8/9/10 – Atmosphere

One very common question these days is “What is the Cloud?”. It depends on who is asking this question and you have to craft your answer accordingly. I have broadly classified users under these categories.

So what does the cloud mean to an,

End User: Service available on Web/Internet, no S/W or H/W to own and pay per use or monthly subscription payment models
Developer: Development Platform (S/W tools and H/W) provided in internet, no S/W or H/W costs and everything built and deployed in the cloud
CIO: Infrastructure (S/W, H/W) to build and run apps provided off premises in cloud so no capital costs and Server Room is empty
Cloud Service Providers: Provide grid based virtual and elastic environment to support SaaS, IaaS and PaaS platforms that grow organically based on user needs
Cloud Integrators: Understand the various Cloud Offerings and build tailor made solutions for customers


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