muSOAing for 8/4/10 – Microclimate

Big Data infrastructures make for some interesting study. They differ very vastly from your traditional Relational DB architecture. Here are some key characteristics of Big Data Databases

– Designed as Master/Slave Architectures with Queen and Worker Nodes
– Designed to deal with myriad data sources including raw, text, unstructured and relational
– Column oriented rather than row oriented
– Capable of expanding elastically in a grid based architecture along with growth of data
– Designed for real-time operations and heuristics for on-demand results

These are just a few key characteristics and there a whole lot more that set these apart from your MYSQLs and Oracles of the world. Big Data Analytics is another interesting area and there are a lot of players in this arena. The idea is to cater to both real-time and historical analysis and there are a few interesting quirks that come into play when you are dealing with terabytes of information.

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