muSOAing for 8/3/10 – Sleet

Big Data, Schmig Data. This is the common refrain. A lot of the folks from the Traditional DW/BI world tend to dismiss this outright by bandying terms like There is no such thing as BigData or BigData is Big Lie etc. I have got news for you folks, Big Data is really big, getting bigger by the minute and is here to stay to hop on the bus or be left out forever.

Such is the case that a whole new ecosystem has evolved around this. Starting with Software (HBase, BigTable, AsterData, GreenPlum, Pig, Hive, Pentaho….), Server and Storage (This is increasingly based on Grid, MPP as it has to be elastic). BD is a big component of the ever expanding Cloud family. When talking about BD we are beyond the realm of Relational DBs and even VLDBs so now we are talking a lot of Terabytes and even Petabytes of information.

These days with even small organizations generating enormous amounts of data, gleaning meaninful Information and Intelligence from the bits and bytes and using them as strategic business weapons will mean the life and death of that company. Data has always been the life blood of any organization but the constant challenge has been to make meaningful sense out of it to grow the business. Now with these host of tools and infrastructure that dream is increasingly being realized but there are still significant challenges.

More on this and typical architectures of Big Data later.


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