muSOAing for 7/24/10 – Light Hailstorm

Before I begin, here is a short rant. Of late, I have been reading posts like “Cloud is immature”, “Cloud is still in a hype cycle”. It is clear from these posts that there are people out there who have not been cloud enlightened or cloudified. Gents, far from being immature, the cloud is here to stay, it is very much mainstream. It has become the bread and butter for pretty much every horizontal aspect of IT and vertical industries. In fact, a lot of the stuff we do today will simply not be possible without the cloud.

Could you ever imagine a Google or a Facebook without a cloud infrastructure? The beauty of the cloud is that, we avail of it on a daily basis but are yet unaware of it. The cloud has permeated pretty much every aspect of IT, be it servers (Hypervisors, Grid Computing), Storage (BigData, Hadoop), Network, Desktop, the cloud and virualization is omnipresent.

Availing of all these on a rental (pay as you go, pay per use) basis is already the norm and this trend is only going to increase in the near future. So go out, circulate and get your daily dose of cloud.

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