muSOAing for 7/20/10 – Overcast with chance of drizzle

So we have so far examined three very common patterns of Cloud Consumption and Adoption but is that it? Well no, these as I said are only broad patterns. There are myriad sub-patterns we have to delve into. Given the plethora of options available, you might be led to believe that a Cloud Solution is pretty much a slam dunk and all you have to do is put together a solution with best of breed offerings woven together with some custom built and home grown IP, well think again.

Some of the most common challenges especially the ones that have to do with Big Data pose unique challenges even to the most nerdy and geeky code slinger. One of the most common ones is SPOC related and has to do with the failure of the master node in a Grid Computing environment. As they say in any implementation, the folks think that their problem lies in the process, too many manual touch points, longer cycle times etc and put all their energies into straight thru processing well think what, you problem is not the process but it is the Data.

In almost all IT Projects, you have to start at the first floor which is your Data. Pay enough attention to it and all the rest of the issues will take care of themselves so to speak. So in my next few posts we will delve into the gory details of data in general and Big Data in specific.


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