muSOAing for 7/16/10 – Stratus

So how do large organizations avail of the Cloud and Virtualization. The needs of these organizations is vastly different from the ones discussed in earlier. Though cutting costs is definitely one of them, it is at a whole new level. Think Data Centers with 1000s of servers. Do you think Google would be able to run it’s DCs without Virtualization and availing of the Cloud?

The typical issues faced by large Data Centers these days are,

a. How to do more with less. Can the same work be done and efficiencies achieved by deploying 500 servers instead of a 1000.
b. How to maintain service levels, SLAs, QoS etc in the Cloud
c. Do I need a private cloud or a hybrid cloud
d. Which technologie(s) should I bet the house on.
e. Build vs Buy or a mix of both. In most cases it the latter choice.

So as you can see these are not trivial questions. So my focus for the foreseeable future is going to be to address all three categories of users.

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