muSOAing for 7/13/10 – Cirrus

There are different usage models of the cloud for individuals and small startups. The very nature of usage being of the DIY kind and hence PaaS oriented platforms are best suited for these sort of users who want to play around, get their hands dirty and build their own thing as opposed to settling for some prebuilt functionality. The mantras here are APIs read web services, code, build, deploy. This is cloud meets geek and it is a sort of utopia depending on who you ask.

Now let us shift gears a bit and talk about another form of usage. This has to do with some heavy duty stuff like moving your email server to the cloud, building workflow in the cloud and other esoteric stuff. The users here can again be the individuals and small startups and in addition, non-profits and educational outfits like community colleges. As you can imaging their IT Budgets range from drastically cut to non-existent but they still have to provide the same level and quality of service to their internal and external users. The Cloud has suddenly become their Knight in Shining Armor. All of a sudden all of the above is possible which is sort of saying “I would like to have my cake and eat it too”. And belive me they are. These CIOs are hunting for the right Superman(woman) outfits for the next halloween bash.

More on this later.

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