muSOAing for 7/9/10 – Cumulus

Getting back to the subject of how the Geeky Joe would avail of the Cloud or for that matter an under 10 person startup bootstrapped with credit cards. The most obvious platform of choice is normally a PaaS oriented one such as Google App Engine which would let Geeky Joe to cobble together an application and deploy it on that same platform. For the startup a usage model could be to have their email hosted on the Google Apps platform. These are just two very simple use cases and there are several hundreds or even thousands of these.

So what makes these platforms so compelling. A lot of these I have already articulated in my previous posts but it doesn’t hurt to repeat these. For one thing, the barrier for entry is very low in terms of adoption. You hosting absolutely nothing. Pretty much all the computing needs you need in terms of Software, APIs, Servers and Storage are provided by the PaaS Vendor. So as you can see, all that you need is to create an account and for the most part this process is free. You are given a limited amount of resources to try things out. It is really try before you buy approach.

Once you feel that you are getting what you need then you sign up for the next level. There are different payment models including pay for what you use or monthly subscription based plans. So the whole process is made as painless for you as possible.

What we just spoke about was the applications space where prebuilt applications (SaaS) or cloud based toolkits (PaaS). There is another important usage model which is more oriented towards Data and Big Data oriented needs which we will address in the next post.

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