muSOAing for 7/7/10 – Got Cloud?

So while we can pontificate to no end about the benefits of Cloud Adoption, let us get some facts straight. Why is the this becoming the kind of phenomenon that it is. Why is it able to cater to such a diverse segment of users both horizontally and vertically. Well there are some very obvious reasons.

Let us talk about a few of these first. The first and foremost reasons why Cloud Adoption is catching on like widlfire is this term called “Low Barrier For Entry”. Yes, and I will repeat, LBFE is one of the principal reasons that both Geeky Joe and Mr. Fortune 10 CIO are gravitating towards it. The value proposition is pretty much the same for these two contituencies but the scope and scale is obviously at vastly different levels.

Think about it, at what point of time were there options where you could try something out for free and if you liked it, you could start using it on a pay as you go basis and best of all, the software expanded automatically depending on your growing needs and you did not have to worry about all of this stuff. A truly elastic computing model and you have just eliminated or outsourced whole or part of your IT department.

So what else does the Cloud have in store for us, stay tuned.


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