muSOAing for 7/1/10 – It’s ok to Cloud your judgement

SOA has become so mainstream that it does not need any more evangelization or demystification. So let us move on to the Cloud. Henceforth, I will be blogging exclusively on cloud computing related topics and issues.

So let me kick off the first one by writing a small piece on PaaS. This concept of Platform As A Service has come a very long way. The question is which type of user does such a platform cater to. Almost all the PaaS platforms are focused on the UI and Front End. They very heavily emphasize drag and drop, ease of use and ease of deployment. You can build and deploy an application in ridiculously low cycle times measured in minutes. You do not have to worry about DB connections and lot of those other pesky things that take you time away from focusing on the core features of your application.

With PaaS, almost 100% of your time is devoted to designing and building the core application features. We still have not answered the question of who the typical audience is for such a platform. It is certainly not your hardcore java codeslinger. These are not platforms that allow you to write and generate copious amounts of code. They emphasize on building very pretty looking screens to build the UI front ends for your applications. So the users for such a platform will be all those people involved in designing and building the presentation layer. In fact, it now empowers Information Architects who used to design screen offline to do that as they are building screens. So here you have your proverbial two birds with one stone.

Continuing our discussion on this topic we will examine what other types of computing is possible in a PaaS Platform and how people are leveraging them and what the future holds.


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