muSOAing for 5/9/10

So how do go about evaluating your Simulation options. There are a lot of commercial Simulators out there in the market. You will initially be WOWed by all their whiz bang features such as nice looking GUIs for parking your XML and other bells and whistles. These however are not the important features you should be considering. The important ones are,

– Is this simulator a black box
– What level of customization does it let you do
– Can it be easily configured to add new simulation scenarios

While you may not expect the vendor to hand over the source code to you, that is the level of control you probably need to effectively work with a simulator so what is the answer, write your own simulator. It is not as hard as it seems. There are two aspects to a simulator, one is the actual basic framework itself and the other is the generation of the sample XML files for the simuation scenarios. The latter is the tougher task, you have to use tools to generate these, do not think you can handcraft these files though they look simple.

So how will you go about building the simulator framework.


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