muSOAing for 4/3/10

I want to take a moment and talk about the need for simulation in a SOA implementation. In fact, I think it is a blessing in disguise that Simulation can be implemented for it’s rightly intended purpose in an almost seamless and neat fashion.

I always like to make my argument or point by taking a valid use case. This however will have to be a fairly condensed one. I want to take a an actual scenario that I have run into repeatedly in every SOA implementation and that is the horse is ready but the cart is still being designed and built. The horse in this case being the Presentation layer and the Cart being the web services layer.

It has been my experience that wireframes required for the UI can be turned out fairly quickly with even just the basic elements needed for data capture and submit and w/o all the other bells and whistles. Services development is however another story altogether. It is no secret that the groundwork needed to build a service the right way and that is using Industry standard canonicals has a longer turn around time, typically 2-3 months behind the wireframe.

The conundrum however is you cannot leave the Portal team idle twiddling their thumbs so the obvious answer here is the use of a Simulator that is almost the real thing, one that you can swap in and out seamlessly.


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