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muSOAing for 3/18/10

March 18, 2010

Resuming after a long break. The Architecture for our SOA for world peace will involve interactions between various peer systems. It will be a highly distributed architecture and hence it is quite obvious that without a common lingua franca, interaction between these systems will be practically impossible.

Hence the importance of building our Canonical. We have already started this process and identified a few elements but it is far from complete. I would say that it contains only about 5% of the elements it needs. Identifying the rest of the elements will be an arduous tasks and it will require socializing this with existing peace agencies and getting their feedback.

We will not attempt to design the entire Canonical here, suffice to say that we have enough info to get started, the design will be completed in the background and we will go forward and implement the rest of the elements of our architecture.

The next step of course is to design a generic Peace Service using this canonical. This will be a rudimentary peace service that agencies from anywhere can call to request or send Peace or Threat related information. Initially it will be to send information to create a World Peace Database. Agencies can also request for information. This Database will serve as a central KnowledgeBase and will have various other rich interfaces. It will have search online search capabilities apart from a service API interface.

So the next step is to design the two other important building blocks. The first is the peace service and the other is the KnowlegeBase Portal.