muSOAing for 2/19/10

Continuing our effort for designing a Peace Canonical, let us step back and see for a moment how some preventative measures can be taken to promote peace. While the west at large has learnt the lesson that warmongering and waging wars does not really pay, it took two devastating world wars to bring home that point. If we desire true peace, all forms of weapon manufacture and export has to stop. Defence Industries are an integral part of developed and several developing economies, they employ a lot of people and make a significant financial contribution to the national economy.

Ironically, apart from these two benefits, a lot of our technological advances percolate down to the common man from advances made in Defense and Weapons related R&D. A lot of these technologies have turned out to be dual use in nature especially those in the Nuclear area. So the sad truth has turned out to be, in order to attain peace and progress we must wage a few wars. Is that really so? Is disarmament possible at all, should developing nations continue to divert billions of dollars in precious and scarce funds to acquiring weapons in the name of Defense to the detriment of the well being and benefit of the common man.


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