muSOAing for 2/11/10

What we have done so far for the peace canonical is just a start, there are a lot more attributes that need to go into it. We want it to be a sort of a grassroots canonical that will be able to capture information in a very fine grained manner and not just for the the national level security agencies.

For instance, if an incident was reported in a very small Police outpost in a remote village and if it will affect the threat or peace perceptions then it should be captured. So this is a Grassroots effort where everyone including the common man can participate. This would mean the creation of Peace Information Hubs and information should feed into it in various ways including from mobile phones, laptops, WIFI, WIMAX, Information Kiosks, SOAP over HTTP, XML and other forms. This is taking into account the fact that infrastructures in the regions we are talking about could be quite primitive so there should be mechansims using which information can be fed into the HUB.

Taliking about Canonicals, there are industry established standards for a wide range of verticals such as RosettaNet for High Tech, ACCORD for Insurance, HIPAA for Healthcare, OTA for Travel and Hospitality and many others. It is about time that there existed one for International Peace.


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