muSOAing for 1/31/10

Coming back to our SOA for world peace initiative. The last we left it was at designing the canonical. I was mentioning that the canonical should be managed through a SOA Competency Center overseen by a benevolent dictator. Now let us talk about the composition of this Canonical. How should it be structured, what elements should it contain.

I would imagine that this schema would form part of a SOAP payload during transmission and should essentially contain at least these two sections. A Header and a Body, this should not be confused with the SOAP header and body sections which are separate. The header section will contain important key attributes, sort of metadata about the payload itself.

One important thing to remember is, since we are talking about world peace, all information originating is such a payload should pertain to those aspects of peace that either serve to promote and further peace or are a threat to peace in any part of the world. So with this in mind, let us try to identify a few attributes.

Since threats are normally directed at or affect nations, one very important attribute will be Nation Code. So the header will contain at least these codes,

1. Nation Code (Nation against which Perception is directed)
2. Origination Nation Code (Nation that identified or detected perception)
3. Perception Code (Peace or Threat)
4. Perception Level (Threat Level)
5. Description (Nature of Threat with detailed description)
6. Security Agency (FBI, Interpol, MI6, RAW, FSB or agency that identified perception)

In the next post we will examine the composition of the Body and any remaining elements that need to be added to the header.

In subsequent posts we will try to come up with some valid use cases for the contents of this payload and for the manner in which such messages will be exchanges which can be either in a peer to peer fashion and/or a hub and spoke fashion.


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