muSOAing for 1/21/10

While SOA has become pervasive and very mainstream, it is quite interesting to note how it has enabled newer paradigms like SaaS and Cloud. While SaaS has become a popular way for CIOs to hive off entire non-core and industry standard business processes and functions to be executed on SaaS platforms. This has turned out to be an extension of their IT arms.

The beauty of SaaS is, an employee in Tokyo can fill out his timesheet using a system hosted in Timbuktu. This same system could be serving employees in Tashkent or Texarkana. Here is a case of an application being served over the web with co-location to serve multiple clients desiring the same functionality. The same functionality can be executed as an API as a discrete function or step in your business process and this where SOA plays an important role.

Then came Cloud Computing. Cloud, bits, bytes, mapreduce, hadoop. An entire new industry spawned by an algorithm. Is that an oversimplification?


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