muSOAing for 1/14/10

Our SOA for peace project is still on. A few topics have been crying for attention lately and chief among them is Cloud computing. This is a very interesting area and is only going to gain momentum and grab a lot of headlines in the coming weeks and months.

It is very hard to describe what a Cloud is from a consumer perspective but believe me it is out there are it is a part of our everyday life. From a provider’s perspective, a Cloud is several things and most of all it is the erasing of these boundaries between Software, Application, Server and Storage. It is a Virtualized world on steroids. There will come a time when you do not think of these as their individual physical instances but rather as spare computing units that are available for use. So you are optimizing server utilization by pooling their resources through virtualization.

With increasing adoption, the day is not far when this technology will be commodotized with even opensource offerings. Though it is currently the preserve of only the biggies, every IT organization however small is also realizing the benefits of this technology and a lot of vendors are busy building Cloud Computing solutions.


2 Responses to “muSOAing for 1/14/10”

  1. clexpert Says:

    Agree with you. Also, Small IT organizations benefit a lot from cloud. They need not invest upfront for IT. The prices of subscriptions should come down a lot.


  2. videos runterladen Says:

    Hi, big thanks for your work. I searched for something like that, but Icouldn’t find anything that’s that what I was looking for. You helped me to save god knows how much time.. Thanks!

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