muSOAing for 1/6/10

My first post for the new year. Let me start by wishing everyone a belated Happy New Year. Let this decade be the one for total SOA Adoption. This is the decade that everyone will adopt the Color TV of Integration Technology.

One question that keeps cropping over and over again is this comparison between EAI/MoM technologies and Middleware. People tend to speak of them in the same breath as if they were peer and competing technologies. Well they are not. Think of EAI as Integration 1.0 and SOA as Integration 2.0. SOA does mitigate a lot of the issues that one faced with EAI.

EAI and MoM were never perceived as enterprise caliber contenders. SOA came in, improved upon all their deficiencies and became the truly Enterprise level Integration Paradigm and Technology. EAI was confined mainly to the Business Unit or Department and could never really make that leap to the Enterprise.


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