muSOaing for 12/28/09

So before we continue, a word about what the market trends are for SOA Integration. While the economic downturn has to some extent slowed down SOA efforts, they have not been halted entirely. The advantages of SOA are palpable so much so that once you have stated adopting it, you simply cannot stop.

Think about it, an integration paradigm that lets you easily convert existing functions to services, that exposes that service/API to the entire organization. An integration paradigm that gives a whole new meaning to reuse. I can go on and on like a broken record but you get the picture.

Think of SOA as the Color TV technology of the 1950s. Many thought that it was an unnecessary novelty thinking that they would never switch from their beloved black and white TVs, but yet, by the late 60s there were practically no B&W sets in existence. Think of SOA as the Color TV or Integration technology, it is not a question of if but when people will switch to it given it very obvious benefits.


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