muSOAing for 12/25/09

So now we have embarked on the journey to design a World Peace Canonical but wait. We have forgotten on important thing, we need to establish a Competency Center before we get too far on this road. We have a lot to accomplish, the Canonical, the processes and then some cool tactical stuff like frameworks, applications and how this whole thing will come together.

This project is rather different in the sense that, the organizations involved here are actually sovereign nations so this is a N2N scenario get it? As you may already know, the concept of Government varies greatly from state to state, from the freest of nations like for ex. the USA to the most brutal dictatorships like Myanmar and closed societies like North Korea so they run the gamut.

To cater to these vastly different scenarios, we need some continuity at this Center where people are not shuffled around often at least during the formative years. So what we really need is a Benevolent Dictator like the dude who runs Singapore. So who will this person be, till we decide who that candidate is, I appoint myself (shamelessly) to the post.

So now we can continue this journey.


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