muSOAing for 12/19/09

World Peace should always prevail but man’s intransigence has prevented that state. This need has never been more prescient. Goverments in general and men in particular should abandon this uncalled for nihilism and step up to that higher plane of thought.

Nuff of ranting and onto Canonical Modeling. So now we have identified this need for a World Peace Canonical we have to identify it’s key elements. So the goal is for all the Governments, all Goverments to talk in a common language. So for the lack of a better term, let us call it the UN of Canonicals (not the UN Canonical). This will be an independent body, not affiliated in any fashion to the UN itself. It will facilitate the exchange of critical information in realtime between the various Governments in a peer to peer mode of interaction.

The payload itself will be packaged as a SOAP message with the worldpeace payload in the Body of this message. So let us start identifying the key elements of this XML structure.


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