muSOAing for 12/12/09

So coming to my new initiative “SOA for World Peace”. The internet age has to a large extent flattened the world and created a level playing field. Your small town geek can now wield the power of a Goliath through information. But then isn’t that the exact problem we are facing in today’s world. Too much information but no meaningful attempt to harvest it and obtain useful knowledge?

So this is how we started with oodles of Data. We then attempted to organize this data into manageable clusters using Databases and the like and called it information. The fatal mistake though was we thought this will be sufficient and then came along the Internet and then Google, Wikipedia and this gave information dissemination a whole other dimension.

So Data and Information is there but we need to shift to the next level which is true Knowledge and then ultimately Wisdom so it is a very long haul. How would we know that we have attained that plain of Knowledge and then Wisdom. For a start if we all work towards World Peace that would be an indication. The sign that will portend that we have arrived at the Gates of Wisdom is when we have attained World Peace.

To get to that Gate we have to pass this checkpoint called Knowledge and how do we go about it. Enter SOA, one technology that can unite this disorganized mass and islands of Information. So let us start first with the “World Peace Canonical”. We have RosettaNet, OAGIS, ebXML, cXML but what we really need is an XML standard for world peace which we will attempt to build through this Canonical so that everyone speaks a common language of Peace.


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