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muSOaing for 12/28/09

December 29, 2009

So before we continue, a word about what the market trends are for SOA Integration. While the economic downturn has to some extent slowed down SOA efforts, they have not been halted entirely. The advantages of SOA are palpable so much so that once you have stated adopting it, you simply cannot stop.

Think about it, an integration paradigm that lets you easily convert existing functions to services, that exposes that service/API to the entire organization. An integration paradigm that gives a whole new meaning to reuse. I can go on and on like a broken record but you get the picture.

Think of SOA as the Color TV technology of the 1950s. Many thought that it was an unnecessary novelty thinking that they would never switch from their beloved black and white TVs, but yet, by the late 60s there were practically no B&W sets in existence. Think of SOA as the Color TV or Integration technology, it is not a question of if but when people will switch to it given it very obvious benefits.


muSOAing for 12/25/09

December 25, 2009

So now we have embarked on the journey to design a World Peace Canonical but wait. We have forgotten on important thing, we need to establish a Competency Center before we get too far on this road. We have a lot to accomplish, the Canonical, the processes and then some cool tactical stuff like frameworks, applications and how this whole thing will come together.

This project is rather different in the sense that, the organizations involved here are actually sovereign nations so this is a N2N scenario get it? As you may already know, the concept of Government varies greatly from state to state, from the freest of nations like for ex. the USA to the most brutal dictatorships like Myanmar and closed societies like North Korea so they run the gamut.

To cater to these vastly different scenarios, we need some continuity at this Center where people are not shuffled around often at least during the formative years. So what we really need is a Benevolent Dictator like the dude who runs Singapore. So who will this person be, till we decide who that candidate is, I appoint myself (shamelessly) to the post.

So now we can continue this journey.

muSOAing for 12/19/09

December 19, 2009

World Peace should always prevail but man’s intransigence has prevented that state. This need has never been more prescient. Goverments in general and men in particular should abandon this uncalled for nihilism and step up to that higher plane of thought.

Nuff of ranting and onto Canonical Modeling. So now we have identified this need for a World Peace Canonical we have to identify it’s key elements. So the goal is for all the Governments, all Goverments to talk in a common language. So for the lack of a better term, let us call it the UN of Canonicals (not the UN Canonical). This will be an independent body, not affiliated in any fashion to the UN itself. It will facilitate the exchange of critical information in realtime between the various Governments in a peer to peer mode of interaction.

The payload itself will be packaged as a SOAP message with the worldpeace payload in the Body of this message. So let us start identifying the key elements of this XML structure.

muSOAing for 12/12/09

December 12, 2009

So coming to my new initiative “SOA for World Peace”. The internet age has to a large extent flattened the world and created a level playing field. Your small town geek can now wield the power of a Goliath through information. But then isn’t that the exact problem we are facing in today’s world. Too much information but no meaningful attempt to harvest it and obtain useful knowledge?

So this is how we started with oodles of Data. We then attempted to organize this data into manageable clusters using Databases and the like and called it information. The fatal mistake though was we thought this will be sufficient and then came along the Internet and then Google, Wikipedia and this gave information dissemination a whole other dimension.

So Data and Information is there but we need to shift to the next level which is true Knowledge and then ultimately Wisdom so it is a very long haul. How would we know that we have attained that plain of Knowledge and then Wisdom. For a start if we all work towards World Peace that would be an indication. The sign that will portend that we have arrived at the Gates of Wisdom is when we have attained World Peace.

To get to that Gate we have to pass this checkpoint called Knowledge and how do we go about it. Enter SOA, one technology that can unite this disorganized mass and islands of Information. So let us start first with the “World Peace Canonical”. We have RosettaNet, OAGIS, ebXML, cXML but what we really need is an XML standard for world peace which we will attempt to build through this Canonical so that everyone speaks a common language of Peace.

muSOAing for 12/06/09

December 7, 2009

Here is one oversimplified (grossly) answer to the question what is SOA?

A decade and a half ago when this new thing called Java appeared over our horizon like a silver lining, the common question was what is OOP. So you put on your programmers cap and started spewing out all this arcane jargon about Inheritence, Polymorphism, Abstraction blah, blah. Their eyes glazed over so you switched to reusable objects, libraries, cross platform and then you saw a gleam of recognition.

Well that is sort of the state we are with SOA right now. So bottom line is it ultimately boils down to your humble service without which you cannot have SOA. You percolate (or should I say distill) up to the plateau of SOA once you have a critical mass of services and as it starts growing you start climbing this peak called Service Oriented Architecture.

There is one caveat, what I just mentioned is sort of an aftereffect of a much bigger process called SOA Roadmap and Top down SOA design because with SOA it is always Business first and Technology last. You have to socialize this fact that SOA is an enterprise wide effort and it is sort of a War you are embarking on and to win the war you have to fight a lot of successful battles.

One of these small but critical battles is the modeling and design of your services. Service Modeling can become it’s own job function like Information Architect. There is so much to do in Service Modeling that this person has to be a TechoFunctional superstar to make your service design effort a successful affair or at least possess those soft skills to be able to work with Business to determine service candidates and granularity level of services.