muSOAing for 11/5/09

That was a long break. So work got in the way and interrupted my blogging schedule. Picking up from where we left, let us touch upon a few key points wrt Runtime Governance. The key aspects to these are the creation of Policies and the Auditing of those Policies, Mediation and Transformation, Routing and Security. These are precisely the features offered by a traditional ESB.

When it comes to the creation of Policies, some of the types of policies that may be enforced may be related to who has access to the service. You may want the service to be accessible only in your Intranet and that too only to certain types of users. A service that returns key HR information should be accessible only to HR managers for instance. Since services level the playing field and make applications web enabled and application functionality to be accessed from anywhere as an API call, such policies play an extremely critical role. At the same time do not go overboard in policy enforcement as it can affect your SLAs.

We will touch upon the other aspects of Runtime Governance in later posts.


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