muSOAing for 9/28/09

Got caught up with work. Until now we have focused more on the Design and Implementation aspects of SOA and services. While the building and deployment of services is an ongoing process, the most important task of keeping this process humming along without any glitches is an equally important task.

To achieve this, there are two very important areas that are mainly related to SOA runtime being Governance and Security. Though for Governance itself you should have a well thought out strategy that should ideally start in parallel with your Development activities. Assume for a moment here that your initiative is very Strategic and you want to adopt a top down holistic view towards SOA adoption. In that case you would have initiated your Governance track well in advance.

Your SOA Czar who heads your competency center will have this on the top of his/her to do list. Governance at a very broad level can be divided into two categories, design time and runtime. In the new few posts we will examine in detail what are the main constituents of each of these blocks after which we will tackle Security.

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