muSOaing for 9/9/09

A few final notes on the Simulator before we move onto the tools. I might have gone over briefly the points you need to consider when choosing your Simulator Strategy. So no matter how big or small your services implementation may be, a simulator is absolutely necessary.

Depending on the level of sophistication you need, you might want to avail of a COTS product if you do not want to invest time in building your own and your requirements are quite straightforward and simple, i.e. you want a black box simulator with basic request response capability through configuration. No advanced features like content based responses etc.

By no means should you consider a simulator as a stop gap arrangements. Simulators will be needed and come handy even after you have rolled to production. To test stubbed out processes and to do offline demos.

Now coming to a white box simulator, you can build your own. All you need to do is to implement a SAAJ Servlet coupled with an interface driven simulator framework akin to the one I described for client side services invocation. In each simulator implementation class you will do your content based responses.

Now when it comes to responses, you can generate the requisite XMLs very easily if you have your schemas handy. If not, you will need to use tools which will be based mainly on XPath. We will talk more about these tools in the next posting.


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